Have you met Romeo?

Meet the gallant Mohammad Shehata!

Q) How has working with We Players changed your perspective of theater, or of the world at large?
A) We Players emphasizes all of those things which make theatre unique and separate from any other form of art or entertainment. I’m reminded of the great potential for intimacy and awe in theatre which can only come from the kind of communion that We Players aims so clearly to establish.

Q) Describe We Players in four words.
A) Community. Brave. Mysterious. Now.

Q) Any funny or memorable We Players moments, anecdotes, quotes/metaphors you'd like to share?
A) We went to dinner as our characters one night, and were given special missions to accomplish while at dinner. One of my tasks was to be in disguise, so I put on a Russian accent. It made no sense but it was crazy fun. It was like a version of Romeo and Juliet put on by 5 year olds who just stole and devoured Mama’s cookie batter. That’s what we get up to in rehearsal… what the hell are we doing?

Q) Tell us about some new favorite of yours, whether it's a lunch dish, a singer, movie, color, or something else entirely. What is it about this new thing that's rocking your world?
A) I’ve seen the film A Separation (written and directed by Asghar Farhadi) about 8 times now. Talk about flawless filmmaking. I require all of you to view it. You’ll be reminded of what it’s like to be nourished in every way a story caught on camera is supposed to nourish you.

All photos by Lauren Matley