Our Inaugural Annual Award goes to Ruth Tringham!

Thanks again to everyone who attended, volunteered, or provided in-kind donations to We Players 2016 Annual Gala, this past Saturday. A highlight of the evening was announcing our Annual Award, honoring a member of the community who has made a remarkable contribution towards We Players’ mission of connecting people with place through site-integrated theatre.

Deep gratitude for our inaugural Annual Award Winner, Ruth Tringham!

From Ruth:

We Players site-integrated theatre means two things to me. Firstly, by profession I am archaeologist whose focus has always been on the life-histories of people, places, and things. This means that the old places that abound in different forms (buildings, trees, lagoons, gun emplacements) in our public spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond, of course) go through transformations both physically and in significance. We Players transforms these heritage places forever by their productions, giving them renewed meaning, bringing them back to life for the community. Unlike the preservation of historic places as frozen in time, this is prolongation of their active life, strengthened by the clashes and harmonies between the past and present.

I love being part of We Players’ process, watching a place transform from the first planning and early rehearsals of the production to the final performances. To participate in the production and transformative process gives me the ultimate creative high – whatever my role (production assistant, crowd control, and even as actor – though that was a bit scary), and I have done something in almost every production since The Odyssey on Angel Island in 2012. I am so appreciative of We Players practice of accepting dedicated volunteers as full members of cast and crew.


I realized the second significance of We Players site-integrated theatre in 2010 when I twice travelled on the ferry to Alcatraz to become totally absorbed in the performance of Hamlet. I experienced that play and all subsequent We Players productions quite differently from an interior-staged play. There is something about the multisensoriality of these performances, created by my moving with the action, the rhythms and cadences of the voices, instruments and dancers, the weather, and the light and shadows of the landscape and buildings themselves, that focus my attention and gives new meaning to the famous words. Above all, the proximity to the drama immerses you in the action and words in a way that cannot be replicated in the traditional context of theatre productions. A sideline here. I watched 50 or more We Players performances of Macbeth at Fort Point as a “guide” in 2013-2014, and I never wished I was somewhere else. The same cannot be said for some other Macbeths I have seen……..

I am interested in these qualities of participation, multisensoriality, and close proximity that I see are important contributors to the success of We Players’ site-integrated theatre. I think there may be a lesson there for me to echo in my CoDA life, in drawing visitors into experiencing digital heritage places.

More on Ruth: http://ruthtringham.com/

Our 2016 Season is Here!

In 2016, We Players is celebrating Shakespeare 400,
the NPS Centennial, and our own Sweet Sixteen!

Our season of stunning site-integrated theatre is full of love,
masquerade balls, sword fights, gorgeous poetry and – of course –
fantastically beautiful California landscapes.


Shakespeare 400: Performance companies and publishers the world over are honoring 400 years of Shakespeare’s legacy.

We Players Sweet Sixteen

We Players has been staging large-scale, site-integrated experiences of classical plays
since the first production in 2000 at Stanford University.
That first We Players show?  A roving Romeo & Juliet which moved from Tressider Student Union throughout the campus courtyards and pedestrian thoroughfares to Memorial Church, The Quad, and ultimately arriving at a collection of Rodin sculptures, “the Burghers of Calais.”

We Players cycles back and digs deeper into the play that began it all, celebrating 16 years of creating stunning works of site-integrated theatre in spectacular and historically charged locations, with Romeo & Juliet performances, inspired special events, and parties throughout 2016!

Mask Making Salons: presentation + hands on mask making workshop; March – April
Sword Fights & Sandwiches: performance, workshop, social gathering; May & June
The Capulet Ball: elegant masquerade ball and performance; May & June
Romeo & Juliet: full scale production at Petaluma Adobe; August & September
Romeo & Juliet: full scale production adapted for Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA; October

~~ More details below ~~


7th Annual GALA


On the Vernal Equinox: Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 6:30pm

Intrigue will flow from every corner of one of our favorite indoor spaces!
Savor potions prepared by our underground Franciscan Friars; send secret messages to your lovers and esteemed friends via our cupid courier service; visit the Apothecary’s Lounge to stimulate your five senses; and outbid your frenemies at the silent auction – featuring new and special treasures to thrill and delight.

Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Ava Roy
Produced by Lauren D. Chavez and Ava Roy
Original Score by Charlie Gurke

We Players - hand word cloud postcard - 965px.jpg

Continuing nearly 10 years of unprecedented partnerships with the National Park Service and California State Parks,  We Players once again integrates a classic story into the environs
of a national historic landmark.

This summer, journey to wine country to experience this beloved story of star-crossed lovers set into the historic Rancho Petaluma and surrounding grounds.

We Players, in partnership with California State Parks presents:
Romeo & Juliet
at Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park
Sonoma County, CA
August 12 – September 25, 2016

* * * *

Later in the fall, head south to Saratoga
to experience the play adapted for the stunning mansion
and grounds of the illustrious Villa Montalvo!

We Players in partnership with Montalvo Arts Center presents:
Romeo & Juliet
at Villa Montalvo
Saratoga, CA
October 6 – 16, 2016

In Residence at Montalvo Arts Center
We’ve received an astounding invitation from the Montalvo Arts Center to workshop our upcoming production of Romeo & Juliet this April. This residency is as part of the Lucas Arts Residency Program and Montalvo’s 75 year history of supporting artists and the artistic process. We love you, Montalvo!


“We Players actors have the ability to draw power out of their
surroundings, channeling it into spectacular, immersive experiences”
– SF Weekly “Best of the Bay” 2015 awards

We Players connects people with place through site-integrated theatre.
Support for the nonprofit arts and education organization is provided by
Grants for the Arts/ General Fund Portion of the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund,
The Fleishhacker Foundation, Fort Mason Center Presents, Kenneth Rainin Foundation,
The San Francisco Foundation, The Zellerbach Family Foundation and generous individual contributors.
Our 2016 Romeo & Juliet season will be developed while in residence
at the Lucas Artist Residency Program, Montalvo Arts Center.