3 weeks of BEOWULF remain


Photo: Lauren Matley

Photo: Lauren Matley

Think for a minute about what it would be like to have no light, only total darkness.
What a candle would mean to you…

We expect this work to challenge... it is unlike any other We Players' production to date. We invite you to journey into strange new territory and to release expectation of the usual.

Immerse yourself in an abstract realm as we explore the story through a fractured lens and express the energies of the saga through movement and intense soundscape. 

It is a fever-dream of memory and forgetting, a ritual that will both include your participation and leave you suspended in the shadows...

BEOWULF has only 3 weeks left.
Join us before it’s too late!

The journey begins at sunset
at the SF Maritime Museum.
Thursday - Sunday, March 11 - April 16. 

Wrestle with humanity and monstrosity under the stunning expanse of the sky and in the warm embrace of our mead hall. 

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