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We Players work features large casts and crews often numbering 40+ individuals per project, including artists with diverse backgrounds ranging from Shakespeare to bouffon, classical technique to circus, modern dance to masters of jazz, fine artists to fashion designers, and hailing from states across the nation. Work with We!


We accept resumes and letters of inquiry year round for creative positions – see below for details!

+ Managing Director

We Players seeks an experienced Managing Director with strong skills in marketing, fundraising and nonprofit management to help the company grow substantially in the next 3-5 years.

The Managing Director works closely with the Artistic Director and reports directly to the Board of Directors, playing an integral role in the development and execution of the organization’s strategic plan and managing the day-to-day operations of this small company.

About We Players

Founded at Stanford University in 2000, We Players creates site-integrated performances that transform public spaces into realms of participatory theatre, in an effort to engage with history and the environment, build community, and activate personal relationships with place.

“Presenting site-integrated plays all around the city, We Players actors take their performance art out of stuffy theaters and put it right back onto the streets, reclaiming local landmarks for public discourse and civic celebration through art. Whether it's Twelfth Night at Hyde Street Pier, Macbeth at Fort Point, or Hamlet on Alcatraz, We Players actors have the ability to draw power out of their surroundings, channeling it into spectacular, immersive experiences for audience members unlike anything you'll see on Broadway.”
– SFWeekly’s Best of San Francisco 2015

“We Players has been turning public spaces into impromptu playhouses for more than a decade…but in May, the group presented its most audacious performance yet: a five-hour roving rendition of The Odyssey on Angel Island, wherein the audience is conscripted into the story to cavort with mythical monsters against the backdrop of the San Francisco skyline. With a piece of theater that could leave you grass-stained, sunburned, and in the market for a bronze chest plate, We Players didn’t just break the fourth wall, it toppled the whole playhouse.”
–San Francisco Magazine 2012

Managing Director Responsibilities:

Leadership and General Administration (20%): The Managing Director manages one full time employee (office manager) and several part time contractors (bookkeeper, communications liaison, grant writer, graphic designer, etc.). For each large-scale site-integrated theater production, the Managing Director is responsible for administering contracts, salaries, and generally supporting the Artistic Director in management of performers, production staff and volunteers (ranging from 20-40 people). The Managing Director recruits and coordinates volunteers, ensures government compliance, secures and maintains appropriate insurance, manages payroll and benefits, and exercises responsible stewardship of all resources within the organization.

Financial Management (10%): The Managing Director works with the Board Treasurer and Artistic Director to develop an annual budget to support the organization’s programmatic and institutional priorities. The Managing Director is responsible for monthly financial reporting, budget performance, forecasting, cash flow projections, maintenance of the accounting systems, and the preparation and filing of taxes.

Marketing/Audience Development (35%): The Managing Director oversees the planning and implementation of audience development activities (including marketing strategies, public relations and ticket sales campaigns) and manages all marketing and sales channels (such as our website, email lists, ticketing platform and social media).

Fundraising (25%): The Managing Director leads the Board and staff in creating and executing long-term fundraising strategies and is responsible for implementing and managing current objectives for individual gifts, Board gifts, special events, corporate giving, government support, and foundation grants.

Board of Directors (10%): The Managing Director serves, with the Artistic Director, as the primary staff liaison to the Board. The Managing Director assists the Board’s leaders as appropriate with the recruitment, education and development of Board members and works closely with Board committees to engage the members in the service of We Players.

Knowledge/Skill Requirements
• Administrative and marketing experience in the arts
• Strong leadership, excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Nonprofit finance and accounting experience
• Fundraising experience
• Proven track record managing and motivating staff and volunteers
• Minimum of 5 years experience working in theater or a related field

How to Apply:
Please send the following to

  1. 1-page cover letter
  2. Résumé
  3. References

Review of applications will begin June 15, 2016 and will continue until the position is filled.

+ Design Artists

Wardrobe/Costume Construction Team
Support staff to the lead Costume Designer. Sewing skills required.

Properties Team
We envision a large volume of properties used throughout the production. Priority will be given to applicants with fine craftsmanship skills who enjoy working with natural materials.

To Apply:
Email a 1 page cover letter and your resume to Include a brief personal statement and a list of relevant experience. Include name, contact information, city of residence and primary modes of transportation.

We love to hear from both experienced and emerging design artists who are excited by the variety and specialism of site integrated work. You can submit a CV to us at at any time and your information will be kept on file for reference.

We Players’ work incorporates design skills across the spectrum of construction, props, scenic painting, set dressing, sound, music and costume. Whenever possible, prospective design artists are invited for informal interview as occasion demands. Web links to view examples of your work are very welcome. Please ensure that your CV or letter tells us as much as possible about your design interests and skills. However, please do not send bulky email attachments as they will not be stored. All applications will be acknowledged and we will contact you if we would like to begin a conversation.

+ Production Roles

Production Assistants/Site Team
We Players’ site-integrated theatre productions require a fit and capable team of essential support staff. This is a very physical position that includes running around the greater performance environs where there is often uneven terrain and steep inclines. Tasks include, but are not limited to: maintaining props/ storage areas, miscellaneous building/ painting/ prop construction, and set up/ break down during performances. This team works closely with the Artistic Director and reports to the Production Manager.

To Apply:
Email a 1 page cover letter and your resume to Include a brief personal statement and a list of relevant experience. Include name, age, contact information, city of residence and primary modes of transportation.

Work with We Players offers challenging, creatively satisfying opportunities for crew members with expertise and enthusiasm for stage management, lighting, and sound. We welcome you to submit a CV to us at any time, and your information will be kept on file for reference.

Productions generally entail a demanding level of site logistics and rigging. Prospective crew are usually invited to interview as occasions arise. Recruitment for production and performance staff is advertised here on our web site as well as through email via the Production Opportunities section of our Community Mailing List. All enquiries are acknowledged and we will contact you if we would like to meet in person.

+ Performers

We Players accepts applications from experienced actors, dancers, and musicians who are inspired by our work. We invite you to submit a CV and headshot to us at any time and your information will be kept on file for reference. All applications will be acknowledged and we will contact you if we would like to make an appointment.

Our auditions for performers are held by invitation only for each production as occasion arises. Calls for performers are made here on the web site as well as through email.

In addition, we offer annual “company generals”. This extended workshop format audition is a necessary first step in beginning a conversation with company creative directors. If you are interested in attending, be sure to select your preferences on the mailing list.

+ Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

We Players accepts volunteer interns on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Internships offer the opportunity to gain practical experience in most aspects of our work, including administration, producing, project management, marketing as well as education and outreach. Internships vary and are personalized – company directors do their best to find appropriate tasks for the unique personality and skills of each intern/volunteer. Contact us at and introduce yourself!

Areas of involvement can include, but are not limited to:

Production assistance
There are myriad tasks that we can pass to dedicated interns and volunteers, offering behind-the-scenes access/ involvement with our productions.

General company support
Communications and Marketing; List organization/ database management.

Speaking Engagement Coordinator (~5 hours per week)
Requirements: interested in research and posses concise writing skills; Tasks include: managing company directors public appearance schedule, writing pitches, research community engagement & public speaking opportunities, diligent communications/follow up with partners

Mapping the production, mapping the resources and people coming together for particular productions (eg: sites/ farms throughout greater Bay Area which serve as source locations for plants harvested for dyeing textiles, organic props, food for performances, etc.)