Macbeth at Fort Point, 2014

“tears shall drown the wind”


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In October 2013, the dark clouds of the US government shutdown hovered over our production of Macbeth at Fort Point, forcing us to cancel numerous performances and disappoint over 1000 ticket holders. In 2014, We are thrilled to present a remount production of Macbeth where we dive even deeper into the richness of the text, the subtleties of the relationships between characters, and search for further nuance in the language and in our connection with the very stones of the fortress. Multiple performance trajectories wind through the dark stone corridors, narrow passageways, expansive brick casemates, and inner chambers of Fort Point. The Golden Gate Bridge soars overhead, the city skyline flickers – a full sensory immersion into Macbeth’s Scotland as it collides with Civil War era and modern day San Francisco. In collaboration with the National Park Service.

MACBETH at fort point

By William Shakespeare

Directed by John Hadden and Ava Roy

Spring/Summer 2014
Fort Point, San Francisco


+ The Buzz

Articles and reviews:
Juan De Anda, Macabre Masterpiece: Macbeth at Fort Point is Truly an Epic of Shakespearean Proportions , SF Weekly, June 19, 2014.
Charles Kruger, ‘Macbeth at Fort Point’ by We Players , TheatreStorm, June 15, 2014.

Audience Testimonials:

“Find a way to go see We Players’ production of Macbeth at Fort Point. Scratch that – drop everything and run, run, run over and do not miss this show. The most delightful use of performance space you’ll ever experience… I ended up having more fun watching this production than I have in many, many years.”

“An experience of a lifetime you will never forget. The power of location is made clear by these performances of Macbeth at Fort Point. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

“Entertaining, unnerving, powerful to experience…”

“The skillful directing and staging were extremely impressive."

“Amazing and completely engrossing…”

+ The Cast

Captain of the Diamonds: Jennie Brick
Weyard Sisters: Julie Douglas, Maria Leigh, Caroline Parsons
Duncan/Porter: Steve Boss
Macduff: Dixon Phillips
Malcome: Kevin Singer
Ross: Nathaniel Justiniano
Bloody Captain: Scott Ragle
Macbeth: John Hadden
Banquo: Jack Halton
Lady Macbeth: Ava Roy
Macduff Child & Fleance: Mae Capron & Lila Popell (played alternately)
Murderer 1: Carmen-Maria Mandley
Lady Macduff: Brandice Thompson
Captain of the Crescents: Scott Ragle
Sergeants: Ben Capron, Lauren D. Chavez, Christine Chesko, Greg Estes, Monica Herbert, Jamie Lyons, Lauren Matley, Rebecca Popell, and Ruth Tringham

The Musicians:
Percussion: Brent Elberg
Trumpet: Aaron Priskorn
Saxophone: Charlie Gurke
Trombone: Rick Brown
Trombone: Jamie Dubberly
Trombone: Mara Fox

+ The Production Team

Directors: John Hadden & Ava Roy
Producers: Lauren D. Chavez & Ava Roy

Costume Designer: Julia Rose Meeks
Lighting Designers: Joe D’Emilio & Joey Postil
Composer & Music Director: Charlie Gurke
Stage Manager: Briana Dickinson
Master Seamstress: Dana Taylor
Leatherwork: Foremast Jack
Properties & Set Artisan: Rachel Bergquist
Properties Master & Fight Captain: Carmen-Maria Mandley
House & Hospitality Manager: Connor Rowe
Fight Choreographer: Benjamin Stowe
Aesthetic Consultant: Jamie Lyons
Production Assistants: Megan Hillard, Thomas Trono & Jamie Freebury
Photos: Jamie Lyons
Poster & Postcard Graphic Design: Erin Grant
Program Design: Amy Clare Tasker