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In addition to sharing Mother Lear with new audiences around the Bay Area, we launched our "Caesar Suite" with two new works inspired by the late Roman Republic and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. We deepened our relationship with San Francisco Recreation and Parks with our productions at The Palace of Fine Arts - the all-female Roman Women - and at The Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park where we staged our circus and opera infused CAESAR MAXIMUS.

Roman Women - In spring and early summer The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco hosted this ritual performance. Featuring live instrumentation, classical text derived from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and physical theatre and dance generated by the all-female ensemble, we explored the public and private lives of the women in Julius Caesar, in the late Roman Republic, and in the 21st century - imagining and recreating secret rites and hidden mysteries.

"Site-specific work this sensorial, this well done, is its own raison d’être.” - Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner 

“The performance and the venue were a perfect match for each other.” - Phil Ginsburg, General Manager, SF Recreation and Parks 

From our audiences:
"...like a living, moving piece of abstract art." 

"...stunningly beautiful.” 

“...simply incredible. I will continue to be inspired by this for many years to come. Brava!"

"Roman Women, as with all We Players shows, is truly a unique experience. You are enveloped by the place, the characters, the word, the music, the stories. You are in direct relationship to it all." 

CAESAR MAXIMUS - San Francisco’s Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park provided the stage for this new adaptation of Julius Caesar. Incorporating the nineteenth century popular entertainments of Opera and Circus, this multi-disciplinary, site-integrated production explored power, grief, and popular action and opened up Shakespeare’s greatest political parable for our own tumultuous time.

"What We Players has birthed in Golden Gate Park is breathtaking. In Caesar Maximus we find this classic, reworked, into a version that is electrifying and tumultuous, reflecting both the troubles of the ancient past and today’s society." - No Proscenium 

"We Players expands the possibilities of the Music Concourse, a feat any thespian, park visitor or conqueror should bow down to." - SF Chronicle 

"For a moment, everything seems possible: the dispatching of would-be tyrants, the power of a well-turned oratorical phrase to inspire action, and the continual evolution of the “classics” in their ability to reveal modern concerns." - KQED 

"We can place “Caesar Maximus,” the company’s brilliantly-acted circus-like adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” staged in and around the Romanesque architecture of the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park, solidly within the “thrilling and spectacular" category... We are swept into the action as if picked up by a tornado" - TheatreStorm