2018 will be immense!  

Coming in spring 2018: Caesar Maximus, an interactive event that envelops the audience in the vibrant and chaotic bustle of street life in an imaginary Rome. Action from act one of Shakespeare's play will unfold throughout this immersive spectacle - snake-oil salesmen and pickpockets work the streets while gamblers and conspirators find shadowy corners to converse in, jugglers and acrobats perform tricks for change, and the voice of a lone opera singer cuts through the noisy din and lifts our awareness above the throng.

Then off to the Big Apple! We Players has accepted an invitation from the National Park Service to produce a new adaptation of Julius Caesar at Grant’s Tomb in New York City, to premiere in September 2018.

In early 2019, fresh from its run in NYC, we will bring the production home to our one-and-only San Francisco Bay Area.

We're also in development for Philosopher’s Way, a new project in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks. Philosopher's Way is an exploration of the environment, philosophical ideas, and one’s own senses. Both guided meditation and choose-your-own adventure, this interactive installation in McLaren Park locates each audience member at the center of the experience.