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We Players is committed to creating extraordinary performances that awaken the senses and enliven the spirit. Ticket sales and grants cover only a small percentage of our budget. To persevere in creating stunning works of site-integrated theatre, we must rely on the generosity of individuals.  We Players patrons are our triumphant heroes - champions of a visionary creative culture in the Bay Area.

Interested in becoming a production sponsor? Please contact to discuss future projects and how you and/or your business can provide invaluable support to produce spectacular theatre and also make your business seen by thousands of savvy theatre patrons.

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Founded at Stanford University in 2000 by Ava Roy, We Players is a Bay Area-based arts nonprofit dedicated to creating stunning works of site-integrated theatre. These immersive performances raise awareness of our immediate physical environments and strengthen our understanding and appreciation of each project site. All of our programs are intimate, interactive, and aim to highlight the natural beauty and the complex environmental, social, and political issues connected to both the play and the place.

2017 - Mother Lear
2017 - Midsummer of Love at Strawberry Hill and Kennedy Grove
2017 - BEOWULF at SF Maritime & Fort Mason
2016 - Romeo and Juliet at Petaluma Adobe and Villa Montalvo
2016 - The Capulet Ball
2015 - HEROMONSTER at Fort Mason Chapel
2015 - Ondine at Sutro
2014 - King Fool
2014 - Macbeth at Fort Point
2013 - Macbeth at Fort Point
2012 - Twelfth Night at Hyde Street Pier
2012 - The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park
2011 - The Odyssey on Scow Schooner Alma
2011 - Alcatraz Symposium on Justice & Freedom
2010 - Hamlet on Alcatraz
2009 - Iphigenia & Other Daughters on Alcatraz
2000 - 2008 The Early Years


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2018 has been [something something]! In addition to sharing Mother Lear with new audiences around the Bay Area, we premiered new adaptations of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and we deepened our new relationship with San Francisco Recreation and Parks with our productions of Roman Women and CAESAR MAXIMUS.

Roman Women - In spring and early summer The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco hosted this ritual performance. Featuring live instrumentation, classical text derived from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and physical theatre and dance generated by the all-female ensemble, we explored the public and private lives of the women in Julius Caesar, in the late Roman Republic, and in the 21st century - imagining and recreating secret rites and hidden mysteries.

"Site-specific work this sensorial, this well done, is its own raison d’être.” - Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

“The performance and the venue were a perfect match for each other.” - Phil Ginsburg, General Manager, SF Recreation and Parks

CAESAR MAXIMUS - San Francisco’s Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park provided the stage for this new adaptation of Julius Caesar. Incorporating the nineteenth century popular entertainments of Opera and Circus, this multi-disciplinary, site-integrated production explored power, grief, and popular action and opened up Shakespeare’s greatest political parable for our own tumultuous time.

Mother Lear - Fall finds us contemplating aging and mortality. An irascible scholar with dementia communicates with her caretaker daughter using only the text of Shakespeare's King Lear, as the two struggle with aging, love, and their own balance of power. Don't miss this piece, currently playing in venues all over the Bay Area.


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Since 2008, We Players has reached well over 16,000 attendees and innumerable regular park visitors; we have brought our unique and inspiring work to 17 parks, including long term partnerships with 5 unique National Park sites and numerous municipal, regional, and state parks.

In 2017 alone, over 3000 people experienced a We Players' performance in a public park. Nearly 1500 of them were introduced to a new park in the process. What's more, half of our audience member say they plan to return to these magical places!


We are thrilled to announce new plans for 2018 at iconic San Francisco landmarks, in partnership with our allies at SF Recreation and Parks!

In Spring 2018 we’ll premiere Roman Women at the Palace of Fine Arts and in Fall 2018 our brand new adaptation of Julius Caesar, CAESAR MAXIMUS, at The Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.

Then in early 2019, after premiering this “Caesar Suite” here at home with YOU, we’ll embark on a cross-country adventure to bring the productions to the National Parks of New York Harbor in Summer/ Fall 2019.

We're also in development for Philosopher's Way, a new project in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks. Philosopher's Way is an exploration of the environment, philosophical ideas, and one's own senses. Both guided meditation and choose-your-own adventure, this interactive installation in McLaren Park locates each audience member at the center of the experience.


We’ve received a $12,500 matching grant pledge from a tremendously generous donor towards our year end campaign. With this matching grant, your support goes twice as far!