Twelfth Night at Hyde St Pier, 2012

“Foolery does walk about the orb like the sun, it shines everywhere”


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We Players transforms Hyde Street Pier into the busy seaport of Shakespeare’s Illyria, where you might encounter a shipwrecked youth, local jazz musicians riffing in the streets, or witness a fight break out between rivals. The ferryboat Eureka serves as home to Olivia, the countess who resists the love of Duke Orsino, but whose passions are roused by the shipwrecked Viola, in disguise as a boy page of the Duke. Orsino’s realm is the tall ship Balclutha. The audience follows Viola and Feste as both shuttle between Olivia and Orsino through the bustle of downtown Illyria, navigating mistaken identities and love run amok.

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will at Hyde Street Pier

By William Shakespeare

Director: Ava Roy

Autumn, 2012
Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

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+ The Buzz

Articles & Reviews
The Examiner, Fun with Shakespeare, September 21, 2012
Jean Schiffman, Magical maritime ‘Twelfth Night', The Examiner, Thursday September 13, 2012
Susan Cohn, We Players and Shakespeare on Hyde Street Pier, The Daily Journal, September 14th, 2012

+ The Cast

Malvolio: Steve Boss
Sebastian: Nick Dickson
Fabian: Nick Fishman
Orsino: Charlie Gurke
Fool: John Hadden
Officer: Monica Herbert
Valentine: Henry Hung
Olivia: Clara Kamunde
Officer, Servant, Priest: Frieda de Lackner
Curio: Paul Marini
Officer: Lauren Matley
Maria: Caroline Parsons
Sir Toby Belch: Dhira Rauch
Viola: Ava Roy
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Benjamin Stowe
Antonio: James Udom
Captain: Played alternately by Tom McCall and Jason Rucker

The Musicians:
Nick Fishman
Henry Hung
Paul Marini

+ The Production Team

Director: Ava Roy
Producers: Lauren D. Chavez & Ava Roy
Assistant Directors: Steve Boss & John Hadden
Costume Designer: Julia Rose Meeks
Music Director: Charlie Gurke
Fight Choreographer: Benjamin Stowe
Stage Manager: Frieda de Lackner
House Manager: Lauren Matley
Properties, Set, and Lighting Artisan: Joan Scout
Production Assistant: Rachel Bergquist & Monica Herbert
Photographers: Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin
Poster & Postcard Graphic Design: James Tucker
Program Design: Dhira Rauch