The Capulet Ball - 2016

"You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings..."

A combined party and theatrical event, the Capulet Ball enveloped our guests in the grandeur, romance, and beauty of a sensuous masquerade. Action from Act One of our upcoming Romeo and Juliet production and the famous balcony scene played out during the course of the night. Ending on a high note just before the plot takes a turn for the worse, we enjoyed the story of the young lovers ­steeped in hope and joy. After the poetic exchange of boundless love, the party continued and our guests enjoyed dessert and conversation with the performers. In keeping with We Players’ penchant for fully-immersive experiences, the story unfolded not in front of, but around and with our guests.

In each spectacular Capulet Ball setting, guests had the opportunity to party with Mercutio, raise a glass with Lord Capulet, join the festive group dance (We Players’ spicy version of the pavane), flirt with fellow masked revelers, and share in the age-old Capulet Family Candle Ceremony before the night is through.