Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA

Lands End. The vast Pacific crashes below, prevailing winds sculpt the rocks and flag the trees, and seasonal fog enshrouds the landscape in mystery.

The pairing of play and place is central to all We Players productions. With Ondine at Sutro, we immersed ourselves in a passionate and elemental play at a site where the forces of nature are profound, visceral, and omnipresent. While the cultural and historical significance of the site was present for us throughout the creative process, and influenced aesthetic and design choices as well as our telling of the story, above all it is the natural environment that dominated and drove our experience of building and telling this tale. Here, the power and unknowable depths of the ocean mirrored the ubiquitous presence and potency of the water throughout the play.

We Players events at Sutro Baths:
Ondine at Sutro, 2015