Undiscovered Country, 2019

A Neo-Western love story adapted from Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Adapted and directed by Ava Roy

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Cowboy outlaws Jack and Horace rob stagecoaches by day and recite Shakespeare by night. Jack is obsessed with cracking Hamlet’s nutshell, and Horace will play any part to satisfy his eccentric leader. But Jack finds a new Shakespearean confidant in Aurelia, a rich widow with Jack’s passion for the Bard. As the three lonely westerners sink into an unlikely love triangle, Jack sees a Ghost. Is it real? Or is it Jack’s madness that tempts him into the Undiscovered Country?


Sunnyside Conservatory
236 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131

Sunnyside Conservatory's octagonal redwood structure was originally built in 1898 and is surrounded by the hundred-year-old garden, rejuvenated with a thriving collection of drought-tolerant plants, succulents and palms. The building has been completely renovated to become one of the most beautiful hidden sites in San Francisco.


Hunter Scott MacNair as Jack Spear
Chris Steele as Horace
Ava Roy as Aurelia


Thursday - Sunday
April 18 - May 19 2019
No performance on April 27 or May 11




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