Our people

founding artistic Director

Ava Roy

Bay Ride - Clear morning - 2016_10_08_07-57-47_1460_750px.jpg

Our Team

Ava Roy (Artistic Director), Britt Lauer (Associate Producer), Charlie Gurke (Music Director), Stacy Davis (Office Manager)


Our Board of Directors

Left to right: Lisa Diaz Nash (Vice President), Andrew Popell (President), Dana Taylor (Secretary), Ava Roy (Artistic Director), Steve Mallers (Treasurer), JD Durst, Susan Miller-Davis
Not shown: Drew Baglino, Suzanne Oberlin

Emeritus:  Rick Holden, Lauren D. Chavez, Jennifer Niedermeyer, Kathleen Taylor

Our Advisory Circle

We Players' Advisory Circle helps us insure the highest form of artistry through their advice and guidance, while serving as informed ambassadors for our work, and helping us to reach new audiences with each new performance adventure. These individuals provide expert knowledge and support as we expand our performance offerings, grow our organizational capacity, and strive to realize ever more ambitious visions within our specialized art form: site-integrated theatre