The Odyssey on Alma

“Rollin’ down to Ithaka me boys, rollin’ down to Ithaka”


In autumn 2011, in partnership with San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, We Players shared episodes of the classic sea story The Odyssey aboard the park’s 1891 scow schooner Alma. Alma’s broad, sturdy deck evoked Odysseus’ sleek black triremes, and carried us around the bay as we spun yarns of the unlucky sailor’s travels, exploration, and homecoming.

Each performance took place during a three-hour sail on San Francisco Bay, as the cast and crew wove real-time line handling with Homer’s stirring account of weary seafarers setting sail for home.

The Odyssey on Alma

By Homer
Adapted by Ava Roy from Robert Fagel's translation

Directed by Ava Roy

Autumn 2011
Aboard the Alma, San Francisco Bay

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+ The Buzz

Lily Janiak, "The Odyssey": Ship Sails Through the Bay While Giving a Show, SF Weekly, September 28,2011
Owen James Burke, We Players Present The Odyssey, Aboard the Last of the Scow Schooners, The Scuttlefish, October 18, 2011

+ The Cast

We Crew

Swing-aboard Rippington: Charlie Gurke
Tipmast Pinetar: Alison Hanson
Briny Jack Breakwater: Rebecca Longworth
Sparwood Bluewater: Geoffrey Nolan
Seareach, son of the Launching Master: Ava Roy
Bordalee Pullerman: Ross Travis
The Sirens: Cara Ziesloft & Maggie Ballard

Alma Crew:

Alcinoos, King and admiration of men: Captain Jason Rucker
Seabelt, son of Grandfleet Shipwrightson: First Mate Alice Watts
The Hands
Gollywobbler, mischevious imp: Tom Hunt
Laodamas Tiderace: Tom McCall
Skipyjack Tarheel: Jeff Rogers

The Floating Gallery:
(in order of appearance)
The Cyclops’ great eye: Jared Gutekunst
The House of the Dead: Monica Lundy & Jessie Thatcher
Sea Perils: Bob Watts

+ The Production Crew

Director: Ava Roy
Producers: Lauren Chavez & Ava Roy
Costume Designer: Ava Roy
Composer & Musician: Charlie Gurke
Lead Audience Guides: Lauren D. Chavez & Lauren Matley
Stage Manager: Laraine Gurke
Production Intern: Antonia Gomez
Photographers: Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin
Poster & Postcard Graphic Design: Amy Hosa
Program Design: Tony Mesler