Night on The Rock

sleepless sleepover on the rock

like kids all night exploration
rubble piles, roof tops, skeleton architecture against the sky
open spaces sprawling and closed trapped corners
envisioning stunts, fights, flight
shifting and opening souls
the power of the game of “yes”, you who know the one, and in the cell house at that.
fire circle – ritual of building our first prayer bundle
without a forced sense of solemnity,
the power presents itself with ease

but my lungs crushed in the cell at 5am
when i tried to lie down and rest
finding i can navigate the weight of space when i’m in motion
working, engaging, activating

but to be still.
to sit with it
just sit and be still with it ?

i physically can not breathe.
escaped to sunrise vista
and an hour of sleep outside under the lighthouse

stone holds memory.