How We Leave and Return:  
Intersections of Art and History - 2012


How We Leave and Return: a site-specific exhibition of visual art on Angel Island.

Seven Bay Area artists were invited to explore Angel Island’s history, architecture, and landscape, and compose the island’s historic narratives into contemporary modes of visual art.  Some of the works brought the collective experience of island to bear, while others revealed how a contemporary public commodifies historic space, examining the narrative position of the human in relationship to nature, and commenting on current trending of the past through re-imagined utilitarian and ritual practices.  The exhibit asked the audience to consider the cyclical nature of mythic and human history, marking that it often repeats itself, and presents ideas as to how a society copes with it’s legacy of ideologies, ontological positions, and cultural practices.

Curated by Visual Arts Director Patrick Gillespie

Exhibiting Artists:

James Bradley
Torreya Cummings
Lauren Dietrech-Chavez
Julia Goodman
Matt Gordon
Justin Hurty
Brandon Olsen
Imin Yeh

Location: Angel Island State Park
Dates: April 28 – July 1, 2012

How We Leave and Return was part of the We Players Visual Arts Program during it’s 2012 residency on Angel Island.