Romeo and Juliet at Petaluma Adobe

All tickets are Will Call, you do not need to print a ticket or bring your confirmation with you to the performance. Check in with your name, or help the line move quickly by pulling up your ticket confirmation (with barcode) on your device.


Please note the performance time on your ticket confirmation, and plan to arrive at Petaluma Adobe 15 minutes prior to this start time.

Use the restroom at the parking lot when you arrive. These are the only restrooms on site.

If you arrive after the performance has begun, you will miss some of the action. Slightly late arrivals will enter at an appointed time; due to staging, tardy entry to the first scene is unsafe for you and our performers. If you arrive significantly late and no We Players staff is in the parking lot, take the path across the bridge and up to the Adobe, paying close attention and joining the audience quietly. Follow directions of the House Manager at all times.

Romeo & Juliet includes graphic sexual language and physical and emotional violence. This production is not suitable for children under 10.

Due to the nature of the site and audience trajectory, we are unable to accommodate infants. There is simply nowhere to go that is not part of the action. If you are interested in group childcare in Petaluma, please let us know. We are considering coordinating care for a few Sunday afternoon matinee performances, and can keep you informed.

There are picnic tables under oak trees near the parking lot for those that want to arrive early and relax on-site.

Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. While stools and kneelers are available, we will primarily be on our feet, walking, standing, and quickly changing positions over the course of the 3 hour experience.

While the Capulets will offer light refreshments at their masquerade ball, please plan to eat a full meal before you arrive, or bring easy-to-manage snacks if you know you'll need them.

Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park
 3325 Adobe Rd, Petaluma, CA 94954

GPS directions to Petaluma Adobe are accurate and straightforward.

Please carpool with friends if possible, as parking is limited.

After passing the guard house, follow the signs and directions of We Players parking monitors. 

Registration is located just south of the restrooms.

Plan to dress in layers for variable weather, as we will be outside for the duration of the experience. 

Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. You will be on your feet, walking, standing, and quickly changing positions over the course of the 3 hour experience. Registration will have a small collection of folding stools for those who most need them. We will also have small mats for sitting/ kneeling, for those who want to be closest to the action, and are able to get down and up off the ground easily.  If you need one, let us know at check-in! Please note: you will need to quickly place and pick up your seat to follow the action and you will be carrying all that you bring. 

You will be navigating uneven gravel and dirt paths, grassy lawns, and historic flooring. If you or anyone in your party has mobility disabilities - or any disabilities that require assistance - and we have not already been in touch, please call us at 415-547-0189 so we can best accommodate your needs. California State Parks supports equal access and We Players provide unique and fully immersive experiences to each audience member.

Note that kerchiefs, masks and flash lights will be distributed and collected during the experience. Please cooperate with our crew and help us keep our limited stock by returning these items when requested.

Remember that you can often choose where and how to position yourself so you can best see and hear. Work with your fellow audience members and We Players staff to stay close to the action of the play. The action is often rapid fire in Romeo & Juliet! Be aware that the audience, as a group, sometime pivots 180 degrees. If you choose a mat at registration, take your sitting/ kneeling position when you find yourself at the front, and stand when at the back of the group.

Note that a blank-firing mechanism will be used in the production, creating a loud "bang."