Autumn 2017

First premiered in autumn 2014, this new take on our distilled two-person King Lear features powerful female performers in a fraught mother-daughter relationship.

The mother is the monarch of her story and her imagination chooses the most epic death (Lear’s) to emulate in her final hour; her caretaker daughter becomes Cordelia, Fool and a host of other voices, conducting her mother to her last breath. Their story, one of the familiar and familial struggles of age, pride, regret, power, forgiveness and love, is played out through the incomparable text of Shakespeare’s Lear. The piece invites us to explore our own relationship to mortality, death and loss - and how we might move from fear to acceptance.

Featuring  Courtney Walsh (Mercutio in We Players’ 2016 Romeo & Juliet) as ‘Lear’ and Artistic Director Ava Roy as ‘Cordelia’. 

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