Ruth Tringham


Ruth had no experience with acting or stage production until she volunteered in spring-summer 2012 as a production assistant for The Odyssey on Angel Island. Since then, she has worked as a volunteer guide or production assistant (once as an actor), on almost every We Players production. She was even awarded the company’s first Volunteer of the Year Award in 2016.

In fact, she is an archaeologist, having worked for many years in the Department of Anthropology at UC Berkeley. She is interested in the clashes and harmonies between the past and present at historic places, which is why she loves to work with We Players. She believes that the company’s site-integrated productions transform these heritage sites forever, giving them renewed meaning and prolonging their active life for the community.

Although she has retired from teaching, this has not stopped Ruth’s creative juices flowing. As a UCB Professor of the Graduate School she continues to do research, creating digital multisensorial and multimodal compositions (serious games etc.) that are based in her archaeological field research in the Balkans and Turkey. She is a founder, board member and creative designer of Codifi Paperless Solutions, a B-Corp company. She is also participates as singer and Board member of the Calling All Choir of San Francisco

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