Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, CA

Angel Island is something of a foreign land in the midst of busy daily lives for most Bay Area residents. Situated at the center of a dense urban environment, the quiet hills of Angel Island hold mysteries for its visitors to discover and explore while appreciating spectacular views. 

Angel Island has many stories to tell. The hero’s journey is one that weaves its way through many parts of the island’s history. Whether a Miwok Indian
on a short trip to his fishing grounds, or a soldier being processed on his way back from World War II; whether an explorer searching for new lands, or an
immigrant traveling with great hopes for her new country; many parallels can be understood between Odysseus’ journey and the outlines of Angel Island’s

We Players events on Angel Island:
The Odyssey, 2012
Uncharted Formations, site-specific art exhibit, 2012
How We Leave and Return, site-specific art exhibit, 2012