This evening program allowed audiences to explore the cell house and witness movement metaphors representative of the history of Alcatraz and current prison realities; moving through emotion and grief with participatory music and dance; and feeling cleansing, purification, and transformation as we viewed bright-burning coals dance in the open air with the San Francisco skyline as our backdrop.

Curated by Lauren D. Chavez

Cell House Dance Theatre Collaborators:

Laurel Butler
Lauren D. Chavez
Amie Dowling
Ava Roy


Ajayi Jackson
Paris King
Paul Rucker
Josh Tower
and other guest musicians

Coals Dance:

The Tea Dancers, Natta Haotzima and Mayra Enriquez


Alcatraz Island, San Francisco


October 23rd, 2011

Alcatraz Cell House Dance Theatre was part of We Players 2011 Alcatraz Series during the company’s three year residency on Alcatraz Island.