Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, CA

Amy Brees, Lauren Dietrich and Ava Roy began envisioning performance events on Alcatraz Island in 2008. We share an awareness of the varied history and vivid energy of this island in the center of The Bay. We can feel the land’s desire to be listened to and learned from. An honest look at the history of Alcatraz demands that we acknowledge both the dark horrors and the bright hope within our human struggles for freedom.

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This partnership between We Players and the National Park Service is challenging, edge-pushing and inspiring. As the steel and concrete are gradually corroded by the elements, plants, birds and visitors breathe new life through this once impenetrable rock. Likewise, we examine the bound places within ourselves and notice this work softening our edges and strengthening our vision for justice and peace. We are constantly reminded of nature’s persistence and hopeful for the unstoppable forces of growth and change. 

We Players events on Alcatraz Island:
Iphigenia & Other Daughters, 2009
Hamlet, 2010
Symposium on Justice and Freedom, 2011
Youth Symposium on Justice and Freedom, 2011
Images from the Inside - Visual art exhibition and panel discussion, 2011
Faces We Wear - Visual art exhibition, 2011
In Visible Categories: Invisible People - Visual art exhibition and panel discussion, 2011
Proliferation - Music & discussion with artist Paul Rucker
Alcatraz Cell House Dance Theatre, 2011
Screening of Emmy award winning film Herman's House & panel discussion with filmmaker Angad Bhalla, 2012