Harriet Moss is a troublemaker who spends much of her time these days trying to convince friends, relatives, acquaintances and perfect strangers to part with their money in support of a variety of organizations working to make the world a better place. She began her career as a video producer and media activist and went on to start and/or run a number of media and environmentally-related nonprofits and businesses. She ended her working (for money, at least) career as the Executive Director of Antenna Theater and the CEO of Antenna Audio, which she helped grow from a small experimental theater company into the largest interpretive audio tour company in the world. Over the years she has sat on a number of boards, including Museumshop.com, the San Francisco Community Television Corporation, Antenna Theater, Friends of the River, the Bay Area Video Collective, the Coastal Health Alliance, Environmental Traveling Companions, Carpe Diem West and the National Girls Health and Justice Institute. Currently she chairs the West Marin Fund, a community foundation serving the coastal West Marin area, where she lives much of the time.